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Activities of the 2554 B.E. Dhammachai day

On Saturday the 27th August 2011, the Dhammakaya temple will organize activities to celebrate the day Luang Por Dhammajayo ordained 42 years ago. We invite everyone to join this auspicious event especially at Luang Por Dhammajayo's hometown, Baan Pang sub-district, Promburi district, Singhburi province. Starting from 6:00 AM, there will be an alms-giving ceremony for 1,111 monks at Wat Klang Tanarintr, Baan Pang sub-district, Promburi province. The ceremony not only has Phradhammapariyatmolee as the presiding monk, but the senior monks of 6 different provinces will also show their presence.

  1. Phradhammapidok from Saraburi
  2. Phrathepsuwanmolee from Suphanburi
  3. Phratheprattanakorn from Ayutthaya
  4. Phrarajkittimethee from Singhburi
  5. Phrarajpariyatsuthee from Lopburi
  6. Phrarajsuwanwethee from Angthong

The residents of Baan Pang, as a co-organizer, would like to invite everyone to prepare food for the alms-giving ceremony. If you would like to support the event, please call 082-357-9592. After the alms-giving, there will be a guided meditation led by Luang Por Dhammajayo from 09:30 at the Dhammakaya temple, Pathum Thani. At 10:30, the congregation will have an opportunity to offer medicine to the monks of the Dhammakaya temple and its centers throughout the world. The medicine offering ceremony will take place at Sapha Dhammakaya. In the afternoon, those who are interested may join a seminar for this year's kathina ceremony "Dhammachai Kathina" at Kaew-Sarapadnuk Convention Hall, Sapha Dhammakaya. Map to Wat Klang Tanarintr, Baan Pang sub-district, Promburi province August 27th, 1969, a full moon day on the ninth month of the lunar calendar, was an auspicious day as Mr. Chaiyaboon Suthipol donned the saffron robe and became a monk, as he had wished, at the chapel of Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen. He received the monastic title “Dhammajayo”, which means “The victor through Dhamma”. Since then, the sun of peace started to shine. The full story is available here.

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